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Pico Fighting Board Sold Out!

The first run of the Pico Fighting Board has sold out! 😲

Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in both the Pico Fighting Board and GP2040 projects. The response has honestly been surpising and overwhelming for this tiny hobby operation. PFBs have been shipped all over the world and customers should start receiving their product in the next few days.

This is the first batch of PFBs to go out in the wild. We’d like to gather some real world feedback from users before producing the next batch, to ensure the most stable and usable product possible. If you’d like to submit feedback you can join the Discord to discuss, send an email, or create an issue on the Pico Fighting Board Github repository.

The Pico Fighting Board will tentatively be back in stock in mid to late December. In the meantime, it can be backordered which will reserve your PFB’s place in the production process. An exact restock date will be posted once determined and backorder customers will be notified of when to expect fulfillment. For those that don’t want to backorder, we will be adding in-stock email notifications very soon.

Once again, thanks to everyone who is supporting our open source projects. We can’t wait to see the builds you make with your Pico Fighting Boards!

❤️ Feral

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