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Pico Fighting Board v1.1 Finalized

PFB v1.1 Final Design

The Pico Fighting Board will soon be back, and better than ever! We’ve used this restocking opportunity to get input from customers, fightstick enthusiasts and developers to help make the PFB more flexible and reliable than before.

Notable changes from v1.0 to v1.1:

  • Updated screw terminal labels to a more arcade-friendly scheme (same order, different names).
  • Updated RGB LED connector to a JST-PH 4-pin connector, compatible with Paradise Arcade’s Kaiamana LEDs. Just plug them in with their wire harness then configure, no need for their driver PCB!
  • Added 2 expansion ports (1 STEMMA QT/QWIIC compatible) for I2C peripheral support, such as OLED displays and future supported modules.
  • Added connector for up to 3 programmable buttons or analog inputs (only 1 if I2C is used).
  • Added 2-pin header for the RUN pin, which acts as a reset switch and can help get into firmware flash mode without opening the enclosure.
  • Updated screw terminal and 20-pin to use 5v from VBUS instead of 3.3v.
  • Added protection circuit to RGB LEDs.
  • Added debug connector (for the 2 people other than me that may use it).

Every single GPIO pin of the Raspberry Pi Pico is now routed somewhere on the board…and some to more than one place! This allows great flexibility for those that customize GP2040 or use their own firmware with the PFB. Just a note, some features such as programmable buttons and analog support will require a firmware update when GP2040 supports them in the near future.

For those customers who have been kind enough to backorder, know that you will be the first to receive the new and improved Pico Fighting Board v1.1! Our prototype boards will be here any day now and barring any sort of catastrophe, we anticipate the Pico Fighting Board to be back in stock by December 21, 2021, just in time for Christmas! Keep an eye on your email around that time if you’ve put in your order or signed up for restock notifications.

Thanks to all who contributed their feedback on what this next iteration of the Pico Fighting Board has become. Let’s continue to move this market and hobby forward together with interesting and novel ideas!

❤️ Feral

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