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Pico Fighting Board v1.1 Now Available

Pico Fighting Board v1.1

The new version of the Pico Fighting Board is in stock now! Backorder customers will receive the updated Pico Fighting Board v1.1, and can expect their orders to ship over the next few days.

PFB v1.1 brings the following new and improved features:

  • Added 4-pin JST-PH and STEMMA-QT/Qwiic connectors for I2C devices such as OLED displays
  • Added 4-pin JST-PH for up to 3 programmable buttons (only 1 available if using I2C devices, support coming to GP2040 soon)
  • Updated RGB LED header to 4-pin JST-PH, compatible with the Paradise Arcade Kaimana LEDs using the Kaimana J2 Wiring Harness
  • Updated button labels to the standard arcade layout
  • Added labels to most individual connector pins for clarity
  • Updated power on screw teriminal and 20-pin connector to 5v (PFB v1.0 used 3.3v)
  • Updated RGB LED data and power circuits
  • Added 2-pin 2.54mm male header for a reset button, to help with flashing the board without opening your case
  • Added 4-pin JST-SH connector for debugging

Programmable buttons, RGB LED animation updates, documentation updates and more will be coming in early 2022. Keep an eye on the Pico Fighting Board and GP2040 firmware projects for feature updates!

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