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2.42″ I2C OLED Display


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Looking for a big and beautiful OLED display that works with your Pico Fighting Board? This monochrome 2.42″ OLED has a resolution of 128×64 pixels, uses an SSD1309 display driver supporting SPI and I2C communication, and comes in several color variations. Each OLED module has been configured for I2C use, has 2.54mm male headers attached, and has been verfied to work with the Pico Fighting Board v1.1 and GP2040 firmware.

OLED Dimensions

2.42" OLED dimensions

  • Full PCB dimensions: 72mm x 43mm
  • Mounting holes (M2.5): 67.8mm x 38.8mm
  • Screen frame dimensions: 62.1mm x 39.8mm
  • Screen frame size
    • Top: 2mm
    • Left/Right: 2.5mm
    • Bottom: 8.5mm
  • Visible screen area: 57mm x 29.5mm


From the factory these OLED modules are configured for SPI communication but GP2040 and the PFB need I2C display modules. The following modification have already been done for you and are here as a reference for those who are converting their own OLED modules:

  1. Move the 0 ohm resistor from R8 to R9 pads.
  2. Bridge the R10 and R12 pads.
  3. Remove the ribbon cable, bridge the R11 pads, then replace the ribbon cable.
2.42" OLED back pre-conversion
Before modification


2.42" OLED back post-conversion
After modification to enable I2C with header pins



The Pico Fighting Board v1.1 has two I2C expansion ports with each pin labeled. You can use either the Stemma QT/Qwiic or JST-PH 4-pin connector on the PFB to hook up your OLED. The following shows a Stemma cable with Dupont connectors for the OLED side:

2.42" OLED and PFB wiring

The wiring goes from Pico to OLED:

  • GND to VSS (Black)
  • 3.3V to VDD (Red)
  • SDA to SDA (Blue)
  • SCL to SCLK (Yellow)

Unlike some older 2.42″ OLED modules, I’ve found these do not require the RES pin to be connected to the RUN pin on the PFB or Pico! That one wire makes a world of difference!

Once connected, restart your PFB and you should have something like this:

2.42" OLED in BnB Gen2 case



Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 6.5 × 1.5 cm

Blue, Green, Yellow, White


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