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The Pico Fighting Board (PFB) is an open-source PCB designed to be compatible with the footprint and wiring of the Brook line of arcade controller boards, meaning the PFB works with most aftermarket cases and wiring accessories. Combined with the open source GP2040 firmware for RP2040 microcontrollers, the Pico Fighting Board is the core of a low latency, feature-rich arcade stick that’s compatible with PC, PS3 and Nintendo Switch.

Perfect for those who like DIY fighsticks, tinkering with controller firmware, or just want to support my open source work ūüėĀ


Two variations of the Pico Fighting Board are available. The only difference between PFB v1.1 and v1.1a are the size of the mounting holes. PFB v1.1 has M2.5 mounting holes, while v1.1a has M3.5 mounting holes. There is no functional difference between these two versions, so choose whichever version works for your installation.

Hardware Features

  • Standard wiring via screw terminals or 20-pin header (Brook-compatible)
  • 4-pin JST-PH header for L3/R3/A2 buttons (Brook-compatible)
  • 5-pin JST-PH header for PWM player LEDs (Brook-compatible)
  • *4-pin JST-PH connector for RGB LEDs (compatible with Kaimana J2 Wiring Harness)
  • *4-pin JST-PH and a STEMMA-QT/Qwiic connector for compatible I2C devices like OLED displays (see GP2040 firmware for more information)
  • *4-pin JST-PH breaks out the analog pins of the Pico for up to 3 programmable buttons or analog axes (only 1 available if I2C is used, GP2040 support will be added soon)
  • *4-pin JST-SH for SWD debugging
  • Open source hardware: https://github.com/FeralAI/PicoFightingBoard

* new in v1.1

Firmware Features

Comes preloaded with the latest open source GP2040 firmware:

  • Selectable input modes: XInput,¬†¬†DirectInput, Nintendo Switch
  • Supported platforms:¬†PC,¬†Raspberry Pi,¬†MiSTer,¬†Android,¬†Nintendo Switch,¬†PS3, PS4 (legacy controller support)
  • Default polling rate of 1000 Hz / 1 ms in all input modes
  • Less than 1 ms of input latency
  • Left/Right stick emulation via D-pad inputs
  • Select from 3 SOCD modes: Neutral, Up Priority (Hit Box) and Last Input Wins
  • Per-button RGB LED support
  • Support for 128×64 monochrome OLED displays
  • Built-in web configurator mode for easy customization

If you need help with or would like to discuss the Pico Fighting Board, please join the OpenStick Pico Fighting Board Discord channel.


Pico Fighting Board v1.0 Quick Reference
Pico Fighting Board v1.1 Quick Reference
GP2040 Usage Documentation
GP2040 Firmware Latency Test Results (testing info)
MiSTer Input Latency Sheet

Video Reviews

Check out Mr. Sujano’s review of the Pico Fighting Board v1.0!

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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 cm

v1.1, v1.1a


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